Upcoming events: EIMA International /6-10 November 2024

Upcoming events: EIMA International /6-10 November 2024

Efficiency and optimization

Kiwitron helps you reduce consumption and cycle times, improving efficiency and optimization of production processes

Efficiency and optimization are key elements of a competitive company: calculation and data analysis activities help to reduce consumption, improve work loads and save on production process costs.

Kiwitron solutions not only enable the implementation of lean production practices and strategies for greater optimization and energy efficiency: they also make the work of production, logistics and warehouse managers, operations and quality managers easier.

Kiwitron provides solutions such as zoning systems for automatic speed limitation of truks and forklifts, remote monitoring of driving style, and IoT connection between gates and vehicles. In addition, to achieve strong reductions in downtime and optimization of cycle times, Kiwitron created innovative call button systems for vehicles on production lines, improved by rapid messaging for operators. These are just some of the tools offered by Kiwitron to achieve increased throughput and reduced consumption, as well as productivity and efficiency indicators that are always available.

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