Upcoming events: EIMA International /6-10 November 2024

Upcoming events: EIMA International /6-10 November 2024

Kiwitron designs, develops and produces hi-tech solutions to bring safety and efficiency to all industrial fields

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We bring efficiency and safety through the use of data.


We create innovative high-tech solutions through the integration of hardware, software and AI.


We cultivate people excellence because we want Kiwitron to be an environment where each individual can express his or her know-how, creativity and values. We deliver training courses because we see knowledge as a value to the community.

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Kiwitron was born in 2019 on the hills of Bologna to increase safety and efficiency in all industrial fields through technology.


Kiwitron understands from the beginning that the power of Big Data applied to workplaces can become a tool for business and bets everything on it.

Thanks to its technological know-how, Kiwitron begins a new journey dedicated to the design, development and production of hardwares and softwares specific for vehicles and industrial areas in the headquarters in Sasso Marconi.

In only four years, the company got on the podium in the field, increasing tenfold the number of employees and reaching 16 million in revenues. All this, overpassing a lot of obstacles such as the health crisis in 2020 and the following material shortage thanks to one of its strong points: flexibility.

Today Kiwitron has more than 80 employees, with an average age of 36, 40% of whom are part of R&D teams.

With its R&D departments of software, hardware and artificial intelligence, Kiwitron meets all customer needs with customizable solutions.