Upcoming events: EIMA International /6-10 November 2024

Upcoming events: EIMA International /6-10 November 2024

Kiwitron brings safety to industrial fields

We have created KiwiEye, the solution that allows you to achieve the goal 0 accidents

KiwiEye does faster and more accurately what the operator often fails to do. It greatly reduces a forklift driver's reaction time and greatly reduces the chances that the forklift driver will, as humanly possible, become distracted.
KiwiEye does not get distracted


Francesco Marella

Head of HSE Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling System S.p.A.

  • 100% manufactured in Bologna (Italy)
  • Highly responsive
  • Detects obstacles without the use of tags, thanks to artificial intelligence
  • Selective recognition of people and human body parts, regardless of position (lying on the ground, sitting, kneeling, etc.)
  • Can learn to recognize new dangerous situations thanks to artificial intelligence

The Heatmap feature: seeing to prevent

The heatmap function systematically and objectively aggregates all interactions between pedestrians and forklifts.

This tool not only provides crucial data on the major hazards in your industrial environment, but also offers precise guidance on where to take action to minimize the risk of accidents.

Eye for blind spots

KiwiEye is installed toward a blind spot to monitor approaching people or vehicles. No gadgets with antennas or other tags are needed to be detected.

When approaching, the vehicle can be slowed down automatically by UWB.

When KiwiEye detects that the person or vehicle is moving away, automatically the vehicle can speed up again.

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Radar: your safe guidance in complex maneuvers

KiwiEye supports the driver during the most difficult maneuvering phases.

It can accurately detect data on the position of objects in the depth of field, allowing it to signal the presence of obstacles based on pre-set distance thresholds.

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Lane mode: efficiency without compromise

In order to increase the efficiency of the vehicle while maintaining the required safety standards, lane mode can be activated to avoid recognizing pedestrians at the sides of the vehicle.

Precise zoning: KiwiEye sees and slows down

Through the application of signs, such as AruCo codes installed for specific purposes, a slowdown can be performed within the warehouse without acting on the plant infrastructure.

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KiwiEye is designed to work in industrial, logistics and construction environments

Logistics, warehouses, construction sites, mines and quarries where mobile machines operate pose hazards to operators on foot, especially during maneuvering due to critical conditions and poor visibility.


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Earth moving, recycling, oil&gas

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Railway applications


Applications in atex zones


Find out the differences
between KiwiEye and other safety technologies

Ultra Wide Band (UWB)


  • Selective (pedestrians & vehicles)
  • 360-degree protection



  • TAG is always mandatory
Artificial Intelligence


  • Selective (pedestrians, signs & vehicles)
  • Detects obstacles without TAG
  • Can learn to recognize new dangerous situations using AI
  • Highly responsive



  • Does not see beyond obstacles


  • Directional (11 lasers)
  • Highly accurate



  • Non-selective
  • Can only be installed on the back of the vehicle

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