Upcoming events: EIMA International /6-10 November 2024

Upcoming events: EIMA International /6-10 November 2024


Kiwitron designs, develops and distributes high-tech solutions to bring safety and efficiency to all industrial sectors.

The company achieves this goal thanks to the integration of hardware, software, robotics, automation and artificial intelligence. Kiwitron boasts a wide range of product categories to meet the ever changing and more specific needs of its clients.

Data analysis solutions

Kiwitron offers a range of solutions for analysing vehicles, batteries and fleets performance data.

These high-tech solutions enable big data analysis of vehicles and batteries health and predictive maintenance to optimise efficiency and reduce costs. All vehicles and efficiency data are visible on KiwiSat, the cloud-based fleet management software.

Safety solutions

Kiwitron brings safety and efficiency to all industrial environments, with a complete range of high-tech solutions for all needs and types of industrial vehicles.

AI, UWB, Lidar: traditional and cutting-edge technologies join forces to improve safety and reduce accidents and collisions in workplaces.

Zone detection and optimization solutions

In addition to industrial vehicles, Kiwitron also offers solutions for managing work areas to digitalize and optimize production processes.

Kiwitron solutions can limit the speed of vehicles in specific work areas, automate the opening and closing of gates and send requests to forklift drivers from production lines.