Upcoming events: EIMA International /6-10 November 2024

Upcoming events: EIMA International /6-10 November 2024

Data analysis and maintenance

Thanks to data analysis Kiwitron gives tools for predictive maintenance and battery analysis of industrial equipment.

Kiwitron helps you to manage industrial vehicles and optimize processes through data analysis: widgets with efficiency calculation, vehicle diagnostics, and battery analysis enable predictive maintenance and a reduction in costs and downtime for your industrial equipment.

KiwiSat is the cloud portal where you can find fleet status and data overviews. KiwiSat is available in desktop and mobile app versions. Kiwitron also developed artificial intelligence algorithms to create reliable predictions of the parameters to be monitored for fleet production efficiency.

The battery status of electric trucks, and all electric industrial vehicles in general, is an essential criterion. For this purpose, Kiwitron has created KiwiBat - datalogger and sensor for real-time battery analysis. Predictive maintenance can thus be implemented thanks to Kiwitron systems. Another AI data analysis function is the prediction of vehicle working hours to obtain better agreements and a more objective estimate of wear.

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