Upcoming events: EIMA International /6-10 November 2024

Upcoming events: EIMA International /6-10 November 2024


Industrial cleaning machines: fleet efficiency

Solutions for cleaning: Kiwitron helps you to improve efficiency industrial cleaning machines through data


Kiwitron technologies for cleaning machines increase efficiency through data collection and analysis to generate an immediate return in terms of efficiency of operations and resource savings.

Kiwitron systems make vehicle tracking, geolocation, RTLS and remote and real-time monitoring possible, cutting downtimes, optimizing routes and improving fleet productivity.


Kiwitron cleaning devices are directly installed on industrial cleaning machines - such as floor scrubbers, sweepers, motor sweepers, and wet vacuums - with no need of additional products.

Finally, through the integration of hardware and software and the collection and analysis of data, Kiwitron solutions make it possible to interconnect your company's tangible capital and intangible assets, making it easier to obtain incentives for digital transition and a long-term competitive advantage.

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