Upcoming events: EIMA International /6-10 November 2024

Upcoming events: EIMA International /6-10 November 2024

Efficiency and safety solutions for agriculture equipment

Kiwitron high-tech solutions increase efficiency and safety in the agricultural field thanks to AI and data analysis

Kiwitron offers solutions with advanced technologies to improve efficiency and safety for agriculture machinery. These solutions are highly customizable according to your needs and your activities and the ones of your client.

Kiwitron product range includes: AI-powered anti-collision systems, real-time data collection devices, software for monitoring equipment performances, resources efficiency, implementation of predictive maintenance, remote assistance, and production optimization.

Kiwitron AI systems are based on optical sensors that can recognize, after a training phase, only the types of objects that you want to be recognized. Therefore, they can be used both as a safety support and as tools for precision agriculture.

Kiwitron devices are installed directly on agricultural machines in your farm - such as tractors, harvesters, mowers, seeders, and cultivators - with no addictional products.

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Industrial cleaning

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